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Black Rose Entertainment Management Group

Black Rose Entertainment Management Group

Our mission is to inspire for stylish, upscale social events, and concerts…while taking your brand or product to an all new level. Welcome to the dark side.

Starting off as a simple promotions and design agency, Black Rose was “just another” party promotions group that started in Columbus, OH. With some smart moves, thriving nightlife, and the huge base of clientele in multiple cities, helped move Black Rose into the limelight.

A continual evolution, Black Rose has now produced over 600 events over the course of 5 years and has now dwelved into the marketing and consulting sector of the artist and nightlife industry. You can find Black Rose in various cities all around US, but most importantly: Columbus, Cleveland, Tampa, Miami, NYC, & Boston.

As the Entertainment industry is always shifting with new mediums, Black Rose is constantly changing. Some current projects include scouting for emerging artists, investment in larger based events, collaborating with established brands.

To view more photos and videos, check out Our Gallery.

Our Services

11266 Royalton Rd Unit D, North Royalton, Ohio 44133 / 347-855-7490